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Jacob Johnson
Jacob JohnsonFounder

Great ideas bring people together. Passionate and knowledgeable people take ideas forward.

One of the greatest challenges in innovation is working through the complexity that exists in the gap between great ideas and finished products and services. This gap is often wider and deeper when the talking about those technologies that come from universities and early-stage startups.

My passion in starting innovosource was to play my part in closing that distance by bringing together key members of the innovation community—research institutions, high-tech companies, early-stage investors, and government agencies through direct partnerships and knowledge-exchange.

All of the innovosource initiatives and offerings are created to alleviate specific tensions in the system through the sharing of quality insights, advocacy for best practices, and new routes to connect all of the important players in the innovation ecosystem.

Our role is a supportive partner to all of the great initiatives that community members are launching each and every day and to help where needed. We are connected, engaged, flexible, and here to serve you in reaching your program objectives.

Please connect with us to discuss opportunities to shape the future at your organization and tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

Your ally in innovation,

Jacob Johnson
Founder, innovosource

Our Focus Areas

  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization
  • University-Industry Partnerships and Open Innovation
  • Translational Research, Proof of Concept, and Start-up Venture Seed Gap Funds
  • Review and Advisory Panel Formation
  • Technology Market and IP Evaluation
  • Innovation Showcases and Marketing
  • Technology and Start-up Crowdfunding

Our Partners and Clients

  • Research Institutions
  • Hi-tech Companies and Start-ups
  • Early-stage Venture Capital and Angel Investors
  • Federal and State Agencies
  • Associations and Service Providers

Join our Partners Network

The Partners Network is a formal group of universities, labs, and hospitals that are key sources of innovation assets and central to our mission of connecting new innovation to market needs. Participating institutions are actively involved in our tech transfer, open innovation, and gap funding initiatives and are recipients of information and connections to support their innovation initiatives. A sampling of those institutions is pictured here.

If your institution, tech transfer operation, industrial relations unit, research center, or lab would like to learn about becoming part of the Partners Network, or if your company or firm would like to engage these resources.

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