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innovosource enables innovation and commercialization programs through knowledge-exchange and relationship-building between research institutions, industry, and investors

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Technology transfer is the art/science/process in which today’s innovations are identified, analyzed, developed, and evolved into future products and services. Unlike many processes in nature, this does not happen on its own; but, requires an excellence in practice and commitment to collaboration.

We are committed to playing our role in assisting the most innovative organizations in the world (research institutions, high-tech companies, early-stage investors, and government agencies) by showcasing best practices in technology transfer, by reporting on new technologies/start-ups, and by creating opportunities to connect the community into partnership with capable commercial and investment partners.

Gap funding programs affiliated with research institutions are a direct response to a lack of early-stage capital, or valley of death, that often hinders the development and commercialization of future technology and start-ups.

We have been tracking, assessing, and developing translational research, proof concept, and seed start-up gap funds for a decade. Through our work with over 100 funds, we are the best positioned firm to support current and aspiring gap fund programs through reporting, education, and fund development/benchmarking/advisory support services.

It’s not realistic and dangerous to assume that all of the best innovation and professionals can reside in one organization. We believe that open innovation is a commitment from innovative companies that want to work with the best–wherever it may be.

Through a unique engagement process with a formal network of 155 research institutions, we work with companies of all sizes to identify strategic innovation assets, and assist them with immediate challenges. We also showcase leading trends in university-industry-investor relations through market reports and web-workshop reviews.


we develop focused reports and resources that inform and advocate for topics important to our mission like innovation funding, open innovation, technology transfer, and university-industry relations


we convene live events and web-workshops around emerging topics that are important to university-affiliated, and other early stage innovation. These events are intended to spark discussion in the innovation community


we offer consulting services to assist our community partners and clients. We are developing a full display of those services, but please contact us in the meantime to discuss your needs

our initiatives

the resource for research insttitution technology, proof of concept, and startup gap funding
Mind the Gap is the resource for those interested in understanding, developing, and connecting to university-affiliated translational research, proof of concept, startup, and venture gap funds.

This includes news, strategic reports, web-workshops, and services, like benchmarking, fund planning, and advisory board formation.

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partnership model to connect companies and research institutions through proof of concept projects
BRIDGE is a relationship-building program to connect university and corporations through industry-driven proof of concept projects, and other partnering opportunities.

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A Gathering of University Gap Funds and Accelerators | Industry | Investors

COvergence is an annual gathering of University Gap Funds and Accelerators | Industry | Investors to discuss program tactics and create commercial and investment partnerships

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our partners

Join and Engage our Partners Network

The Partners Network is a formal group of universities, labs, hospitals, and startups that are key sources of innovation assets and central to our mission of connecting new innovation to market needs. Participating institutions are actively involved in our tech transfer, open innovation, and gap funding initiatives and are recipients of information and connections to support their innovation initiatives. A sampling of those institutions is pictured here.

If your institution, tech transfer operation, industrial relations unit, research center, or lab would like to learn about becoming part of the Partners Network, or if your company or firm would like to engage these resources.

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