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Rice grants $800,000 to DivInc Sports Tech Accelerator

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The Story

Rice University is awarding an $800,000 grant over three years to DivInc to fund the operation of accelerators designed to support diverse founders building innovative startups shaping the technology of tomorrow. The grant supports DivInc’s mission to generate social and economic equity through entrepreneurship and address the capital gap to produce thriving startup companies’ success and will provide funding for the company to operate a number of accelerators.

“We’ve been in Houston since 2021, so we’re extremely honored and grateful to partner with Rice University,” said CEO and founder of DivInc Preston James. “Leveraging the top university sports management program in the U.S., Rice’s highly ranked sports medicine and sport analytics programs, we’re providing exceptional value to our portfolio of companies. For us, it’s about fostering success for our founders. Sports tech is a vast and rapidly growing industry that represents a tremendous opportunity for diverse founders. We are undoubtedly creating an ecosystem of support where our founders can thrive and drive innovation. We are just warming up.”

Full story: Rice grants $800,000 to DivInc Sports Tech Accelerator | Rice News | News and Media Relations | Rice University


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