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Mind the Gap Report: University Tech and Start-up Gap Funding


The Mind the Gap Report is a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one program development guide for current and aspiring gap fund managers that investigates 119 active translational research, proof of concept, startup and venture gap funds and accelerator programs at 75 universities and affiliated organizations. The Report includes 170 pages and 50+ charts and figures that covers all facets of gap funding.

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Product Description

Report Description

Research Institutions
Gap Funds
Million ($) Funded
Billion ($) Returned

What it is

The Mind the Gap Report is a program development guide for current and aspiring technology and start-up gap fund managers that:

  • investigates 119 active translational research, proof of concept, and startup, and venture gap funds from 75 universities and affiliated organizations
  • establishes the need for gap funding and its positioning in the new early-stage capital continuum
  • demonstrates the impact of this funding approach for ROI, capital attraction, economic development, job creation, and innovation community development

Who it’s for

Fund managers, stakeholders, and partners at:

  • Research universities and labs
  • Tech-based economic development initiatives
  • Incubators, accelerators, and research parks
  • Corporate venture and acquisition groups
  • Angel and venture investors
  • Policy-makers and international governments

that seek a detailed program roadmap to guide, develop, and benchmark gap funding programs

What’s inside

Focus Areas
Emerging model for early stage capital
  • Detailed assessment traditional and emerging forms of early stage capital (VC, angel, public/private funds, and accelerators)
  • Introduction of an updated capital model that positions gap funding within this landscape and it’s vital role in commercializing technology
Modeling the Gap Funding Process
  • Segmentation and evaluation of the gap funds into four distinct fund types: translational research, proof of concept, startup, and venture gap funds
Fund Source and Sustainability Strategies
  • Actionable strategies for raising/initiating funds and future plans for sustainability including university re-investment, philanthropic sources, public and private partnerships
Fund Management
  • Detailed fund management structures based on type of organization and fund
  • Sample budgets and resource allocation based on funding objectives
  • Staffing and other operational insights
Fund Process
  • Evaluation, selection, and decision-making criteria
  • Advisory board composition
  • Promotion and marketing strategies
Support Programs
  • Highlight support programs that are associated with gap funds that build an innovative community of students, faculty, and mentors
Fund Impact
  • Demonstrate specific impact and results of gap funding, including financial returns (ROI, leveraged capital), process indicators, economic development measures, and community engagement metrics
Success Stories
  • 4000 archived stories that showcase specific fund processes and impacts


The Mind the Gap initiative has helped the technology transfer community focus on emerging practices in university-affiliated gap funding. The Mind the Gap initiative is the primary, comprehensive source for POC and early stage funding information and resources that the community, including my operations, turns to for understanding and insight.
David Allen, Tech Launch Arizona
As a Fund Manager designing and implementing an organically grown Technology Development Fund, these reports were invaluable in understanding metrics and what other institutions are accomplishing
Michael Rusnak, University of Rochester
Mind the Gap is the premier source for aggregated information regarding university-affiliated gap funding practices. It has been invaluable to us in our ongoing efforts to evaluate creative approaches for structuring seed and early-stage investment collaborations with universities and federal labs. Mind the Gap represents a valuable connection point to universities with leading edge commercialization programs, and as a result, a source of market-leading technology opportunities.
John Banta, illinois VENTURES

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Mind the Gap Report

  • Organizational license to Mind the Gap Report

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Mind the Gap Report

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