Mind the Gap Summit: Secure and Sustain Gap Funding Support from Your State and Region


Over 30 states in the US and countless established and emerging innovation economies across the globe are actively supporting these funding programs. In our most recent survey, over 30% of all gap funding support came from these agencies and initiatives.

State, regional, and federal governments are a growing source of funding for translational research, proof of concept, and startup funding often in collaboration and support of opportunities stemming from research institutions. These initiatives are motivated by the promise of economic development, and business and talent development/attraction/retention.

Join us to take a look into these programs and here from both university-public gap funding partnerships to learn how to develop and expand on these collaborations


  • Nancy Vorona, Center for Innovative Technology (CIT)(Virginia)
  • Marco Rubin, Center for Innovative Technology (CIT)(Virginia)
  • Denise Graves, Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Matt McCooe, Connecticut Innovations

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