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HealthTech Arkansas names six startups for second cohort 

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October 18-20, 2023 / Tucson, AZ
The annual summit for research institution gap fund and accelerator programs, including proof of concept programs, startup accelerators, and university venture funds

The Story

HealthTech Arkansas named six startup companies for its second cohort on Tuesday (Aug. 6).

HealthTech is an accelerator program for healthcare technology startup firms that will collaborate with nine healthcare providers in Arkansas. They include: Arkansas Heart Hospital, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Arkansas Urology, Baptist Health, CHI St. Vincent, Conway Regional, Mercy, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), and Washington Regional Medical Center.


The six companies were selected from hundreds of applicants across 18 different countries and are headquartered in innovation capitals like San Francisco, New York, Boston, San Diego, and Seattle. According to HealthTech leaders, the six companies already have 177 full-time employees and have raised over $90 million of external capital after forming the companies.

“We are excited to reveal the new cohort and introduce them to Arkansas and the powerful teams available to them at all of our healthcare provider partners around the state,” said Jeff Stinson, director of HealthTech Arkansas. Stinson is also the executive director of the Fund for Arkansas’ Future, which is the state’s largest angel investment fund.

“The guaranteed pilot projects from nine hospitals from around the state is what truly sets our accelerator program apart from others in the country. This is what allowed Arkansas to attract such high-quality companies to the program,” said Stinson. At the kick-off reception, Stinson noted that he travels around the country to recruit companies and other accelerator leaders are in awe of the collaboration among the nine providers to support HealthTech Arkansas. “As a smaller state, it is easier for us to make connections and bring people together,” noted Stinson.

The six companies are:

Bardy Dx, Seattle, WA
A revolutionary device for diagnosing heart arrhythmia, the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM™) is a lightweight, extended-wear ECG patch monitor that delivers unparalleled comfort, convenience, and clarity.

Droice Labs, New York City, NY
Droice Labs is an AI company specializing in understanding real-world clinical data to help physicians provide better care to their patients. Droice Labs uses novel Natural Language Understanding (NLU) methods while working with some of the largest hospital systems, health insurance companies, life sciences companies, and government bodies across the United States and Europe.

Health Note, San Francisco, CA
Health Note is an AI platform helping to improve patient encounters by gathering pre-visit information and creating a doctor’s note. Health Note saves physician and staff time by confirming information instead of exploring and documenting.

Medumo, Boston, MA
Medumo is an enterprise software application that helps hospitals deliver instructions to patients in a more intelligent way. This application takes existing instructions, breaks them up into more digestible pieces, and automatically delivers them to patients at critical moments via various modalities with links to interactive web pages.

OMNY Health, San Francisco, CA
OMNY has developed a data marketplace where healthcare providers can upload their non-PHI supply chain and billing data via APIs in real-time. Manufacturers subscribe to the marketplace and pay for the real-time data that they consume, this generating additional revenue streams for providers that supply the data.

toSense, San Diego, CA
toSense has developed CoVa™ 2, a low-cost, easy-to-use monitoring system featuring three primary components: Necklace (a body-worn sensor), Gateway, and Web-based System. The Necklace measures vital signs, complex hemodynamic parameters, and time-dependent physiological waveforms. It sends this information to several different Gateways, which receive and forward it to a Web-based System for clinical review.

HealthTech is in its second year. The cohort will participate in a program that provides them the opportunity to pilot solutions specifically identified by the nine participating healthcare organizations.

Each company will also receive seed investment as well as complete and total access to clinicians and administrators while executing their pilot projects.


Source: HealthTech Arkansas names six startups for second cohort – Talk Business & Politics

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