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Connecticut Innovations’ Regenerative Medicine Research Fund Awards $11 Million for Scientific Research

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October 18-20, 2023 / Tucson, AZ
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The Story

ROCKY HILL, Conn., June 11, 2015 – BioInnovation Connecticut, managed by Connecticut Innovations (CI), the leading source of financing and ongoing support for Connecticut’s innovative, growing companies, today announced that the Regenerative Medicine Research Fund (RMRF) has awarded $11 million to scientists who are conducting biomedical, embryonic or human adult stem cell research.

The fund, formerly the Connecticut Stem Cell Program, has allocated more than $90 million to stem cell research since 2006. The funding has supported more than 190 cutting-edge research projects at Yale University, the University of Connecticut, Wesleyan University, The Jackson Laboratory and private companies.

“The result of this program and the research it funds pushes the field closer to translation and enables the development of innovative research assays and clinical treatments for diseases and conditions that could potentially affect millions of people,” said Margaret Cartiera, vice president and fund manager of BioInnovation Connecticut at Connecticut Innovations. “These awards help scientists to start and complete some of the most advanced research being conducted in their respective fields.”

In 2014, the state broadened the fund’s scope to include funding stem cell research. The program’s funding now helps increase the speed at which research is conducted and commercialized.

“The broader mandate of the fund allows us to assist with research that is closer to the clinic and could have a significant impact on human health, revolutionizing the way we treat diseases and medical conditions,” said Cartiera. “The caliber of the advisory committee members and the streamlined peer review process helps us to identify the strongest research opportunities that align with our mission.”

via BioInnovation Connecticut | Connecticut Innovations’ Regenerative Medicine Research Fund Awards $11 Million for Scientific Research.

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