Puerto Rico STR Ideas to Product Development Grant Program Call Opens

The Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust has announced a new funding opportunity through its Technology Transfer Accelerator Hub program, aimed at supporting pilot projects to advance life science innovations by quickly and clearly demonstrating whether a technology or product is worthy of moving through the commercialization process. For this first year, a total […]

Science Trust gets significant grant from U.S. Dept. of Commerce 

The Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust was selected as one of the 44 nonprofit entities will receive funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Regional Innovation Strategies Program, which will award a total of $23 million to expand high impact entrepreneurship. The Trust will launch the Investor Bridge Project based on Puerto Rico’s […]

Puerto Rico Science Trust to Lead NIH Initiative to Support Biomedical Technology Transfer and Acceleration in Puerto Rico

Grant funds will help build capacity to move scientific discoveries and technologies from the lab and into commercial products to improve patient care and enhance human health. Awards were made by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), for Regional Technology Transfer Accelerator Hubs for Institutional […]

[COA Member] Pre-accelerator offers way to help Puerto Rico-based young entrepreneurs

To help combat a mass exodus of young professionals from Puerto Rico, a pre-accelerator is offering a program for local entrepreneurs. Pre18 is offering a way to boost those in the early stages of establishing a company, granting them $20,000 plus support and training. Pre18 is looking for 20 startups in Puerto Rico with innovative business […]