Wichita State-based cleantech company reaches $2.1 million in seed funding

Creating eco-friendly refrigeration and cooling technology is one of the top concerns when it comes to fighting climate change. Thanks to resources and knowledge at Wichita State University, a Wichita company is one step closer to finding a solution to that problem. HyperBorean announced today that it closed its pre-seed angel round of financing totaling […]

SBA Growth Accelerator Funds energize KU’s economic development efforts

On the cusp of a major expansion, the Bioscience & Technology Business Center at the University of Kansas has earned two federal grants to help fuel business acceleration, innovation and economic growth in northeast Kansas. For the fourth time in five years, the BTBC at KU has been awarded $50,000 by the U.S. Small Business Administration through […]

Fulcrum Global Capital partners with Kansas State University 

Kansas City-based Fulcrum Global Capital will open an office in the K-State Office Park in Manhattan, adjacent to the Kansas State University campus, as part of a strategic partnership. Fulcrum Global is a venture capital fund that was founded in early 2019 by Duane Cantrell, Kevin Lockett and John Peryam. They all formerly worked for the Kansas Bioscience Authority, which made […]

Company with University of Kansas roots goes public on NASDAQ

Cory Berkland might not be the first person you’d guess would help to create what has become a multimillion-dollar company. The distinguished professor, appointed in the departments of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemical & Petroleum Engineering at the University of Kansas, grew up on a pig farm in Iowa, studied chemical engineering at the undergraduate and […]

University of Kansas promotes innovation with new Proof of Concept Fund Awards 

Demonstrating that a laboratory concept will work in practice is one key to moving a research discovery into the marketplace. The University of Kansas supports discovery and innovation in multiple ways, including the granting of Proof of Concept (POC) Fund awards for inventions that are near the commercialization stage. This year, KU has awarded five […]

When is the right time to cash in? University Proof of Concept

As universities commercialise their research more and more, researchers need to navigate a labyrinth of choices – but how to decide the best route? Dr Robert Tansley explains the spin out landscape. This is probably one of the best eras in which to spin out a science or technology based business in the UK. Most universities now […]

WSU Ventures at Wichita State University helps fund partnership between NIAR and Denver start-up Molon Labe Designs – 

WSU Ventures is helping fund an expanded partnership between Denver-based Molon Labe Designs ant the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University. The university said in a press release Thursday that WSU Ventures — the university’s technology transfer organization — helped Molon enter into an agreement with WSU Investment Corp. and, in exchange […]

Wichita State University Ventures accelerator program results in the addition of 15 jobs 

Last year’s Innovation Accelerator competition, held by Wichita State’s WSU Ventures and funded through the Kansas Department of Commerce, has resulted in the addition of 15 jobs. In early 2015, seven technology-based companies were awarded with $109,600 in funding through the Competitive Innovation Accelerator Shock Tank competition. The competition sought innovation with commercial applications and […]

Wichita State to host $2.5 billion technology seed fund event April 30

Area innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and small technology firms are invited to take advantage of a special opportunity as Wichita State University hosts the SBIR Road Tour from 7:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Thursday, April 30, on the second floor of the Rhatigan Student Center. The SBIR Road Tour event represents America’s largest seed fund, and is a […]