U Zurich, Novartis UZH Life Sciences Fund Invests in First Spin-off

CUTISS is a company with a vision: To use personalized skin grafts to heal people all over the world with skin defects, including burn victims. The UZH spin-off has developed a novel procedure whereby a postage-stamp-sized biopsy of healthy skin is harvested from the patient. This is then bioengineered to create a skin graft around […]

EPFL startups raise record $393M in outside capital in 2016

Companies¬† linked to the Lausanne-based tech university raised 397 million francs ($393m) in 2016, smashing the previous record set in 2014, of 242 million francs, EPFL said in a statement. The funds were raised by spin-offs created as a result of technology developed in an EPFL lab or created by a campus researcher, as well […]