Universities are front-runners in start-up support programmes

Universities, among others, are leading Egypt as a tech powerhouse for Africa as the country now rivals – and even sometimes surpasses – more established start-up ecosystems such as South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya for levels of entrepreneurial innovation and investment. Egypt is building up an impressive track record in the tech start-up space, according […]

IBM/Egypt: Changing the Startup Scene with Technology 

Egypt has one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems in the world and the second largest after the UAE. It is also witnessing a strong entrepreneurship wave, driven by a domestic appetite for technological advancement. According to recent statistics, more than 73% of Egyptians think entrepreneurship is a good career choice, and a total of […]

Egypt to launch $100m VC fund

Egypt’s Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is set to launch a US$100 million venture capital (VC) fund in 2016, in a bid to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the country’s ICT sector.Speaking to Disrupt Africa, ITIDA said the agency plans to launch one or more VC funds across the year, in collaboration with the […]