BRIDGE connects motivated, industry partners with existing partnership opportunities at research institutions and startups through collaborative proof of concept projects

Relationships First

We believe that encouraging in-person conversation and exchange bests search software and publication scanning any day. Why? Because people build collaborations, make deals, and know real-time information.

BRIDGE leverages over 15 years years of relationships with hundreds of research institutions to expedite innovation awareness collaborations

Focused Effort

From our experience, long-term and robust, university-industry relationships most often begin with a small and focused project.

BRIDGE quickly identifies opportunities, bringing the right people together, and then engages parties in proof of concept projects that validate potential and de-risk collaborations that ideally lead to broader development and/or commercial partnerships

Integrated Process

The process from idea to market is not a linear progression. In fact, it's more a chaotic series of go back to start, feedback and development loops, and timing of corporate need to university or startup solution or alternative.

BRIDGE connects corporate innovation teams, universities, and startups when the time is right. We have vetted agreements, an innovation management platform to collect, showcase, develop, and monitor opportunities, and know-how to help smooth the challenges of partnership

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