Commonwealth Cyber Initiative’s Ideation to Commercialization program seeks proposals, seeds larger opportunities 

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) is seeking proposals from Southwest Virginia researchers for Innovation: Ideation to Commercialization. This program is designed to provide paths to market for research and technologies with the potential for significant societal and economic impact within the intersection of data, autonomy, and security. CCI Southwest Virginia’s research areas emphasize cybersecurity related to fast, secure, […]

Creating impact in the community inspires academic entrepreneurs 

he goals that Dr. Mehdi Mohammadi Ashani, PhD, and Dr. Stephanie Bishop, PhD, share for their research inspired them to become academic entrepreneurs. “We are going from invention in the lab to innovation and commercialization,” Mohammadi says. “Seeing my product helping to improve patient outcome and making an impact is really important for me as […]

Parallel 18: Where Startups Come to Thrive | Business |

FinTech, PropTech, AgroTech. Combine any industry with “tech” and you’ve got yourself a startup. The combination of traditional industries with developing internet and Web3 technology has indeed created a plethora of business ideas. Supporting this growth on the island is Parallel 18 (P18), a non-profit program affiliated with the Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research […]

AOL co-founder: Silicon Valley will remain ‘leader’ of the startup world…or will it?

EDITOR OPINION: For the first time in a decade, less than 30 percent of total U.S. venture capital has gone to Silicon Valley… Maturing regional/local ecosystems supported by new sources of funding/innovation support, migration, and open relationship-building are creating beds of talent, capital, and emerging technology that make finding, funding, and scaling companies away from […]