Tech Launch Arizona Reports More Companies Licensing UA Inventions

In the past four years, Tech Launch Arizona has worked with 55 companies to license University of Arizona knowledge, inventions and technology. Of those companies 53 are still licensed with intellectual property from the University’s research. SinfoníaRx is a healthcare company established in 2006 by the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Joann MacMaster, director […]

Enterprising donors can earn extra credit for research gifts

UO donors who give to the University Venture Development Fund are investing in today’s aspiring Oregon entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s innovative industries. And thanks to state tax credits, they also get something back. The development fund helps turn today’s research and development into tomorrow’s businesses, ensuring that new and nascent technologies will have a better chance […]

Long Island tech startups use $1M in funding to attract $24M in venture capital 

Two Long Island investment funds took a chance in 2014-15 on 10 technology startups, giving them a total of $1 million. Since then, the startups have raised $24 million from venture capitalists, government agencies and other businesses. That ability to attract capital is an encouraging sign that companies can be built from inventions created at […]