Bridging the Gap: Commentary on University Technology and Start-up Gap Funding for 3/8/16

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TechAccel invests $400K in UC Davis research fund

A Kansas-based private capital company announced Thursday it is investing up to $400,000 in a University of California Davis program that develops campus research into commercial uses. TechAccel LLC is collaborating with Davis researchers in the fields of animal health, agriculture, food and nutrition. The investment firm, based in Shawnee Mission, Kan., and founded in […]

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures to launch health accelerator, fund

The arm of Johns Hopkins University that seeks to turn new technology into thriving businesses plans to launch a healthcare-focused accelerator, possibly within the next nine months. Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures has launched several efforts to push out new products and services developed by Hopkins faculty and students in recent years, but this venture aims […]

Indonesia launches new multi-year research fund

Indonesia has launched a new research fund which will provide multi-year grants to scientists in the country. The country has given single year grants up to now, limiting the scope of research in the country to smaller exercises. “We have been pledged an allocation of up to US$40 million [of government funding] a year to […]

WSU Ventures at Wichita State University helps fund partnership between NIAR and Denver start-up Molon Labe Designs – 

WSU Ventures is helping fund an expanded partnership between Denver-based Molon Labe Designs ant the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University. The university said in a press release Thursday that WSU Ventures — the university’s technology transfer organization — helped Molon enter into an agreement with WSU Investment Corp. and, in exchange […]

Venture capital funds, think tanks puzzle over start-up valley of death

Policy makers and start-up funders say Australia is one of the best at inventing new business ideas, but is the worst at actually turning them into businesses – and there are no quick fixes for this conundrum. And even if they do start a business successfully, they can still get lost in a funding “valley […]

Dakota Students : Investing in the future

The Dakota Venture Group is a student-run venture capital investment fund based out of UND’s Center for Innovation. DVG invests in high-growth companies started by entrepreneurs. What makes DVG unique is that, unlike other “student-run” funds, every decision is made by students. In other groups, students do the legwork and present their findings to a […]

MIT-Imperial College London Seed Fund winners announced

The MIT-Imperial College London Seed Fund awarded $60,565 to three MIT faculty pursuing joint projects with peers at Imperial College London. The grant primarily supports travel costs for exchange between teams at MIT and Imperial College London with priority given to projects that are new or entering a new phase; that reflect a balanced collaboration […]