Oregon BEST Funds New Polymer Aimed at Ag’s Water Woes

As the California drought drags on and moves north in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon BEST is helping fund research for a Portland startup that has developed a biodegradable superabsorbent polymer (SAP) for agricultural applications that can soak up 300 times its weight in water, then release the moisture back into the soil near plant roots […]

Alabama Innovation Fund has $4.5M to award grants for technology growth

The Alabama Innovation Fund has $4.5 million to support programs that seek to leverage research performed by the state’s universities and other institutions to generate new ventures, create jobs and spur additional economic development opportunities. Created in 2012 as part of the “Accelerate Alabama” strategic growth plan, the Alabama Innovation Fund awards grants to bolster […]

Seven projects could receive $200K in funding through U Wisconsin’s Ideadvance Seed Fund

The Ideadvance Seed Fund, aimed at helping more people on University of Wisconsin campuses commercialize their ideas, has identified seven projects that could receive a total of as much as $200,000. Sleep Environment Innovations LLC, a company that came out of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, qualified for stage two funding of as much as $50,000, […]

CIT GAP Fund Invests In Type Zero Tech, Diabetes Software solution

Virginia’s Center For Innovative Technology (CIT), the nonprofit corporation which receives state funding to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Virginia, has invested via its CIT GAP Fund in Charlottesville, Va.-based TypeZero Technologies. TypeZero is a health-tech startup that specializes in developing tech to manage and treat Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. While financial details of […]

New NH venture fund model links alumni investors

Talk to anyone in the startup ecosystem about potential barriers to forming a company and they’ll point to the lack of seed and early-stage funding. It’s one of the most critical components for turning an idea or prototype into a business, but few investors are willing to take the risk to invest in the potential […]