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Winthrop & Weinstine recognizes the vital role that your research university, lab, or hospital plays in catalyzing the innovation process—long before a product or service hits the marketplace.

This challenging process requires support from collaborators who understand research institutions and can assist your technology transfer, intellectual property assessment, portfolio development, and start-up commercialization efforts.

Please make use of the resources on this page and connect with us today to discuss how we partner with research institutions like yours.

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  • Intellectual Property  Filing and Protection
  • Portfolio/Disclosure Assessment and Landscaping
  • Industry/Investor Agreements and Relationship-Building
  • Faculty Education and Ideation

Research Institution and Innovation Community Events

Succeeding at Tech Transfer in a Post-AIA World

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(Event Date: 7.23.14, Run Time: 52:10)

Event Details

Jeff Stone and Ed Culhane from Winthrop & Weinstine discuss how research institutions can position themselves in a post-AIA world to:

  • manage faculty invention and disclosure
  • optimize tech transfer/IP process
  • structure industrial/investor partnerships

Equity Considerations in Technology Transfer Transactions

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(Event Date: 9.27.14, Run Time: 62:43)

Event Details

Ed Culhane and Zach Robins from Winthrop & Weinstine share insights on how research institutions can manage and positions start-ups for success:

  • Stages of investment affecting spin-outs
  • Early-stage investment landscape
  • Structuring start-ups and equity considerations
  • Investor partnerships and rights

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