Venture capital funds, think tanks puzzle over start-up valley of death

Policy makers and start-up funders say Australia is one of the best at inventing new business ideas, but is the worst at actually turning them into businesses – and there are no quick fixes for this conundrum. And even if they do start a business successfully, they can still get lost in a funding “valley […]

University of Sydney Sydnovate POC fund overview

The Sydnovate Fund provides critical financial support for research projects with commercial potential. These funds will be used to: Strengthen University Patents, especially by reducing inventions to practice during the 12 months period between Provisional filing and PCT filing. Strengthening the University’s copyright portfolio. Develop ’unripe’ projects into licensable opportunities by reaching critical milestones and […]

Creative Australian government matching schemes are set to target proof of concept and seed stage

NEW dollar-for-dollar schemes backed by the federal government are needed to stop the miscarriage of promising research due to a lack of commercialisation funding. The boost is needed to encourage universities and medical institutes to set aside discretionary funds for crucial early stage proof-of-concept work once Australian Research Council and National Health and Medical Research […]

Australia seeks $100M to drive pre-seed investors

Experts have called for federal government investment in entrepreneurial and venture capital skills, including the establishment of a $100 million fund for budding venture capitalists, to boost Australia’s struggling commercialisation industry.