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The University Tech/Startup Valley of Death is Real.

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The Mind the Gap Report 15 Years of experience and data to support the development of and partnership with university translational research, proof of concept, startup, and venture gap fund and accelerator programs.

Universities bridge the gap with gap fund and accelerator programs.

The innovation system that transitions breakthroughs in research from the lab into the marketplace is constrained by the lack of available early-stage capital and development support. This “gap” extends from where the government funding of basic research ends to where existing companies or investors are willing to accept the risk to commercialize or invest in the technology or startup. The negative result is that a large portion of economic creation and commercial potential is left unrealized because it isn’t funded and supported.

This shortage of early-stage development capital and support must be recognized and addressed as a serious threat to future innovation and associated societal benefits. Left without a solution, many promising technologies and startups will stall or struggle to develop on a path of least resistance towards a sub-optimal end.

To address this challenge, research institutions and partners have created technology and startup gap funding and accelerator support programs as a capital and innovation support mechanism. These programs are uniquely positioned to address critical elements of technology development and startup formation from research institutions.

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the Gap Report

The Mind the Gap Report 2020 is a first-of-its-kind development guide for current and aspiring university gap fund managers that details 141 active translational research, proof of concept, startup, and venture gap fund and accelerator programs at 84 universities and affiliated organizations.

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The Mind the Gap Report was written to save program managers and partners time and resources. No need to start from scratch, to commission your own benchmarking effort, or to build the case for stakeholders and leadership. It’s all in the Report.

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